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GLOCAN -150 Fluconazole Capsules Blister of 2’s Antifungal
GLOPRAZ -20 Omeprazole Capsules Plastic Jar of 1000’s H2 Blockers & Ulcer Healing
GLOSEVIT Iron with Multivitamin capsules Blister of 10’s Vitamins
LYCOCAP Lycopene with Vitamin Capsules Blister of 10’s Vitamins
GLOCAL caps Calcitriol with Calcium carbonate Capsules Blister of 10’s Calcium Caps
PROBESIL Sylimarin Capsules 140 mg Blister of 10’s Hepatoprotective
PROBESIL forte Sylimarin + B complex Blister of 10’s Hepatoprotective
ZONIG Ginseng with B complex Capsules Blister of 10’s Ginseng with Vitamin
INDOPAIN Indometacin capsules Blister of 10’s Anti-inflammatory/ Analgesic
GLOM -250/500 Amoxycillin Capsules Blister of 10’s Penicillin antibacterial.
CEXIN Cefalexin Capsules Blister of 10’s Cephalosporin antibacterial.